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Armello x Hearthstone card backs

So, Armello is the first and only game I've given money too on Kickstarter. It's a great board game turned video game, and got really into and excited about the project; and it turned out to be a really fantastic game.

The art style used in Armello is absolutely beautiful, and with the primary use of items and turns in game using cards, this project Idea come into my head way back when I was playing it for the first time during alpha.

So I wanted to create Hearthstone inspired custom card backs for each of the four main characters (there is more characters added to the game now, but these 4 were the primary starting classes)

So there's Mercurio the rat, Amber the rabbit, Sana the bear and Thane the wolf!

Was really fun to create these! :D

The Armello logo and characters are copyright to League of Geeks, and you can find more about Armello here -

Gavin bird amrello1
Gavin bird amrello2